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Learn how women can feel more confident about their financial goals

Women make up half the population

... The modern face of wealth is female,

your financial future. wealth is female,

Op-ed: Here's why women's money decisions will shape the ...

Nov 30, 2020

U.S. women control more than $10 trillion, or about a third, of total U.S. household financial assets, and that could jump to $30 trillion by the end of the decade. Female investors are...

Learn how women can feel more confident about their financial goals

Women make up half the population

... The modern face of wealth is female,

your financial future. wealth is female,

While women live longer lives than men, they also have less wealth to fund their longer ... By retirement age, a woman taking typical time out of the workforce will ... for women to take the necessary steps towards achieving financial wellness. ... but they also see money as a way to finance the life they want to live—to meet ...

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Study Shows Big Financial Planning Opportunities For Women's Market

According to the latest Women' s Retirement Literacy Report from The American College of Financial Services, four out of five older American women report having a plan for retirement income. These findings are part of the third iteration of the Retirement Income Literacy Survey from The American College of Financial Services,

Financial literacy gap for women is "notable and worrisome"

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While women are taking increasing responsibility for their financial wellbeing and retirement preparedness, their financial literacy continues to lag behind men, according to the latest Women's Retirement Literacy Report by The American College for Financial Services.

SDSU Extension to Host Money Talk for Women

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We had the carpet pulled out from underneath us and we realized that we actually didn't have control of our financial future," she says. So she and her husband leapt into unknown entrepreneurial waters,

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Faces of women business leaders and entrepreneurs from the United States, Bahrain, Morocco, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Uzbekistan and Kosovo encircled computer screens of participants in the first virtual meeting and launch of the.

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The $25,000 fund—dubbed the Walker's Legacy Scholarship for Enterprising Women—is a collaborative initiative being led by Walker's Legacy and the Howard University School of Business. Over the span of five years,

Working Women of Color Were Making Progress. Then the Coronavirus Hit.

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For years, the story of working women in the United States has been one of slow but steady progress. Against this backdrop, the latest monthly employment figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics delivered an acute shock.

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Advertising Real Estate marketing company, White Noise Digital and Real Estate professional network for women, Finest Women in Real Estate, have announced a strategic partnership

Women in Business group to survey business leaders

Women in business are invited to take a short survey to provide insight and feedback on the seminars, program and focus of the area Women in Business group. The survey is conducted by the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Missouri S&T,

Virtu Financial Launches Third Annual US Women's Winternship Program

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Virtu Financial, Inc., a global market maker, broker and leading provider of global financial services technology, today launches its third annual US Women' s Winternship, a one-week program aimed at introducing sophomore level college students to a career path in financial services.

Smart Women Smart Money free financial conference for women - registration open now

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Smart Women, Smart Money, a project of the State Financial Officers Foundation will take place Friday, February 19 from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. This free, extraordinary, all-day VIRTUAL event is packed with the information and motivation you need to propel yourself into the world of Smart Money!

BWW Feature: How Broadway Women's Alliance Is Changing the Game for Women in Theatre

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In November 2017, a small group of women arranged a meet-up at the iconic theatre haunt Sardi's to discuss the realities of women working on the business end of Broadway. At this event, the group began outlining the most prevalent issues facing female and female-identifying professionals on Broadway and resolved to hold further events geared toward enacting long-term solutions.

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Mount Holyoke College has received a $10 million gift to support scholarships and financial aid. The donation, the largest in support of financial aid in

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This combination of decision-making power and openness to advice indicates that women are a critical audience for financial advisors. The study shows this is a clear opportunity for financial professionals to expand their business by providing guidance to women to build financial strategies and close the planning gap.

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"The company expects to close a significant portion, if not all, of its brick-and-mortar stores and has launched a store closing and liquidation process," a Christopher & Banks news release stated. "The company,

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Coworking was one of many industries hit hard by the pandemic. Here's how its D.C. leaders see it making a comeback.

Bryn Mawr Trust Launches Career Conversations Webcast Series for Professional Women

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Bryn Mawr Trust ( BMT ), wholly owned by Bryn Mawr Bank Corporation (NASDAQ: BMTC), today announced Career Conversations, a webcast series that features women in senior leadership roles sharing career insights and their professional journeys.

Bankruptcy turns high-stakes fertility treatment into financial quagmire for patients at OHSU and many other clinics

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The bankruptcy of IntegraMed Holding last May threw parts of the national fertility industry into chaos. Clinics at OHSU and all over the country had ties to IntegraMed, which proved disastrous for thousands of patients.

PenFed Foundation's Veteran Entrepreneur Investment Program Launches 'Military Women Startup Accelerator' to Empower Female Veteran Entrepreneurship

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PRNewswire/ -- The PenFed Foundation, a national 501(c)3 founded by PenFed Credit Union, today announced the launch of the Veteran Entrepreneur

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Eleven Michigan State women's swimmers have filed a lawsuit against the University for the elimination of the swimming and diving program.

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In a filing made Jan 14 with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey, Christopher & Banks Corp. said it expects to lose many, if not all, of its 451 stores, including four in Greater Cincinnati.

Shirley Edgerton: ROPE offers lifeline of mentorship to young women

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The Rites of Passage and Empowerment program is a holistic mentoring program that emphasizes the development of mind, body and spirit and supports adolescent girls in discovering their inner voice.

Foundation empowers over 4,600 women

By Afolabi Idowu A WOMEN empowerment and capacity building program sponsored by The Coca-Cola Foundation in partnership with Karis and Eleos Hand of Hope Foundation, tagged, "Catalyst for Change" has come to an end having impacted over 4,

Op-ed: Here's why women's money decisions will shape the ...

Nov 30, 2020U.S. women control more than $10 trillion, or about a third, of total U.S. household financial assets, and that could jump to $30 trillion by the end of the decade. Female investors are...

Own Your Financial Future: A Guide for Women | Morgan Stanley

Own Your Financial Future: A Guide for Women Five tips for women to help them plan to achieve their dreams and prepare for the unexpected. A growing economic force, women account for 47% of US wealth creators. Two-thirds of women identify themselves as primary decision-makers, not just influencers, when it comes to money.

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Money Tools Women Need for a Secure Financial Future | The ...

Women relate differently to money than men. And they need different financial tools. We explore the money tools that can help women achieve a secure financial future. An article in Wall Street Journal a about 10 years ago called Clients From Venus pointed out that women are becoming increasingly involved in personal finance.

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WOMEN & FINANCIAL WELLNESS: BEYOND THE BOTTOM LINE Women have been driving change in the labor market, the workplace, and the home. But there are still key opportunities for continued growth. 41% of women wish they had invested more of their money 1

StrongHer Money | We help women plan their financial future.

But women still need more resources. More support. More education, advice and guidance. So they can do more than just control their finances. So they can build and grow their wealth, invest in themselves and their families, achieve their financial goals and prepare for a rewarding financial future. We call this living financially fearless.

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For nearly three decades, Cindy Hounsell, who is president of WISER, the Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement, has been leading the charge in helping women secure their financial futures. ...

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Women and men begin in parity at the start of their careers in finance, but the C-suite is still predominantly male in the financial sector. Nonprofits like Girls Who Invest offer programs to bring...

13 Scary Statistics about Women and Money - Smart Money Chicks

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. women ages 40 to 79 have already dealt with a major financial "life crisis," such as job loss, divorce, the death of a spouse, or serious illness. (AARP, "Understanding Women's Financial Needs and Behavior," 2007 survey.) 8.
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In recent decades, dramatic advances in medicine, public health, and lifestyle management have caused predictable and irreversible trends toward declining fertility and increasing longevity. These demographic changes are causing an “age wave” that will transform every aspect of our personal, social, financial and political lives.

This profound demographic revolution will shift the epicenter of consumer activity from an exclusive focus on youth to the needs, challenges, and aspirations of middle-aged and mature consumers. Companies and organizations whose products and services are aligned with the needs of new generations of maturing consumers are on the threshold of tremendous opportunity.

Seeing this trend as an “age wave” was conceived of by Dr. Ken Dychtwald, psychologist, gerontologist, and entrepreneur. Dr. Dychtwald’s interest in the transformative power of demographic forces and his desire to promote a new, more positive image of aging initially grew out of his groundbreaking work from 1973 to 1979 as co-founder and co-director of the Sage Project. This pioneering social service organization, funded by the National Institutes of Health, taught the elderly how to improve the quality of their lives by taking charge of their mental and physical health.

In the late 1970s, as his work branched out into other aspects of gerontology, Dr. Dychtwald was struck by how many of the social, economic, and physical problems of aging were preventable. He noticed that many older adults who were lonely or depressed had simply given up on making new friends or had long since resigned from social and intellectual involvement. Many who were struggling with the hardships of fixed incomes had been financially secure during their working years but simply hadn’t saved enough or hadn’t managed their finances well in retirement. He repeatedly saw how a lifetime of disregard for personal health usually led to chronic disease. Aging, he came to realize, was not something that begins at one’s 65th birthday. Rather, all of the choices we make regarding how we care for ourselves, how we manage our finances, and even how we think about our futures ultimately shape who we become—both personally and culturally—in our later years.


By the early 1980s, Dr. Dychtwald had become a member of various scientific and social service advisory panels, a frequent lecturer at academic and business conferences, and a consultant with numerous universities, hospitals, and corporations. He repeatedly observed that there was barely an older adult to be seen in popular advertising. Businesses were focusing all of their product development and marketing efforts on the young. And the entertainment industry emphasized a distorted picture of the glory of youth and the irrelevance of maturity. In addition, while serving as advisor to the federal Office of Technology Assessment, the think tank connected with the U.S. Congress, he realized with a jolt that the next population of elders would not be his grandparents’ generation; they would not be his parents’ generation either. Instead, tomorrow’s elders would be the baby boom generation—his generation.

As Dr. Dychtwald widened his attention to include the aging of the boomer generation, he observed that the massive numbers of his cohorts had amplified and intensified the importance of whatever experiences they’d had at each new moment in their lives. Just as surely as they learned to use a baby bottle, they learned to read, play records, buy cars, vote, rent condos, and invest in the stock market. And each time they reached a new stage of life, the issues that concerned them—whether financial, interpersonal, or even hormonal—become the dominant social, political, and marketplace themes of that time. He recognized that boomers don’t just populate existing lifestages or consumer trends, they transform them.

Some examples:

  • Boomers didn’t just eat food—they transformed the snack, restaurant, and supermarket industries

  • Boomers didn’t just wear clothes—they transformed the fashion industry

  • Boomers didn’t just buy cars—they transformed the auto industry.

  • Boomers didn’t just date—they transformed sex roles and practices.

  • Boomers didn’t just go to work—they transformed the workplace.

  • Boomers didn’t just get married—they transformed relationships and the institution of the family.

  • Boomers didn’t just borrow money—they transformed the debt market.

  • Boomers didn’t just go to the doctor—they transformed healthcare.

  • Boomers didn’t just use computers—they transformed technology.

  • Boomers didn’t just invest in stocks—they transformed the investment marketplace.

Soon after this recognition, in 1986, Dr. Dychtwald and his wife, Maddy Dychtwald, founded Age Wave, a firm created to guide Fortune 500 companies and government groups in product/service development for boomers and mature adults.

Age Wave swiftly emerged as the nation’s leader in market analysis and entrepreneurial insights concerning the new maturing marketplace. Over the years, no one has pursued an understanding of the emerging mature marketplace with as much depth, zeal and success. Based on decades of trial and error, and countless breakthroughs in a broad range of industry sectors—from vitamins and cookies to mutual funds and health insurance to advertising and media—the Age Wave team has come to a deep understanding of the body, mind, heart, soul, desires, and demands of today’s new mature adult consumer.


The rising age wave will continue to produce many demographically driven revolutions in the consumer marketplace. As the boomers pass through middlescence and on to maturity, four key factors will reshape supply and demand:

  • Their concern about the onset of chronic disease and their desire to do whatever is possible to postpone physical aging.

  • Increasing amounts of discretionary dollars (for many) over the long-term as a result of escalating earning power, inheritances, and investment returns.

  • Entry into new adult lifestages, including empty-nesting, caregiving, grandparenthood, retirement, widowhood, and retirement—each with its own challenges and opportunities.

  • A psychological shift from acquiring more material possessions toward a desire to purchase enjoyable, satisfying, and memorable experiences.


Age Wave is the nation’s foremost thought leader on issues relating to an aging population, with great expertise in the profound business, social, healthcare, financial, workforce and cultural implications. Under the leadership of Founder/CEO Dr. Ken Dychtwald, Age Wave has a unique understanding of the body, mind, hopes and demands of new generations of maturing consumers and workers and their expectations, attitudes, hopes, and fears regarding retirement.


Over the next decade, leading industries, companies, governments, and major institutions will be challenged to transform their strategies, marketing, branding, distribution, product development, and workforce management to fully prepare for and capitalize on key trends created by a rapidly aging population. Since its inception in 1986, the firm has provided the nation’s leading corporations with highly effective, customizable services and products that help them position and prepare for the new mature marketplace, including:

  • Keynote Presentations that powerfully engage, educate, and motivate audiences around the opportunities and challenges of a maturing marketplace

  • Landmark Research that generates unmatched media coverage and support and promotes the sponsoring company’s brand

  • Books that focus on the emerging age wave and its social and market implications.

  • Educational Programs that empower professionals to meet the needs of mature adults, including turnkey seminar systems and comprehensive training programs

Our client list has included over half the Fortune 500 companies and government global leadership.

To learn how Age Wave can work with your company, please contact Elyse Pellman at (510) 899-4006 or

Nov 17, 2020 — Covid-19

forced women out of the workforce in high numbers, and increased ... Existing national studies show that women are more likely than men to say ... the ways in which women have been negatively impacted by the crisis. ... Without increased financial knowledge, women can only learn

in the worst ...
Feb 4, 2020 — Most women will experience a major financial transition at some point. ... are more likely to be overbudget by a greater amount than their male counterparts. ... Budgeting can be made easier by using apps such as Mint or You Need a ... in a way that is economically feasible for you in the present and future.

Learn how women can feel more confident about their financial goals and how they'll ... Women make up half the population but for so long have been treated like a ... I've heard many times that investing in women is a great way to invest in ... The modern face of wealth is female, so walk confidently into your financial future.

Learn how women can feel more confident about their financial goals

Women make up half the population

... The modern face of wealth is female,

your financial future. wealth is female,

Women & Financial Wellness - Bank of America Merrill Lynch › dam › articles › ml_womens_study
power, they are poised to move into true financial ... Women are living longer than ever before, and funding that longevity has truly ... their responsibilities, reach their goals and take care of the ... education, income and asset levels. Sufficient samples of all ages, races/ethnicities and ... money as a way to finance the life they.
The persistence of gender inequality, like other forms of systematic ... ty, we will focus on the reasons that women could not get power. This question forms my ... of power in society caused power to act in the interests of all men. Peo- ple often ... greater the results that can be secured for equal costs, then the more pow-.
... about

what women's emerging economic power means for our way of life. .


Most workers—men and women—now have family responsibilities

they negoti- ... “A Woman's Nation Changes Everything” is work in the best tradition of those ideals. ... friend. I spoke to her every day of my life—and the truth is, I can't imagine my.
so has the “traditional female role” with respect to money and financial strategies. Whether by circumstance or by choice, women are finding themselves in roles ... current attitudes and behaviors; what women want and need; and how financial ... In fact, more than half of married women see themselves as the chief financial.
Like many women, Sheryl had always been involved in her family's finances, from ... financial planning, only 47 percent felt confident enough to discuss their ... According to the poll results,

women also tend to be more risk-averse than ... Planning for uncertainty can often seem like a daunting or morbid task—who wants

to ...
While women live longer lives than men, they also have less wealth to fund their longer ... By retirement age, a woman taking typical time out of the workforce will ... for women to take the necessary steps towards achieving financial wellness. ... but they also see money as a way to finance the life they want to live—to meet ...
13 Famous Americans Predict

The Future What will the next 100 years

be like? ... percent women.99 Marty Stuart Musician 66 Hank Williams songs still sound good. ... in who Driving System can handle almost anything the road has to offer I'm ... memory (more than enough for this short history of early personal computers) ...
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